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HEPA Air Cleaner - 50 to 550 square feet



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Swedish made

H.E.P.A./ V.O.C. Filtration - 99.97% Efficient


Through a unique filter system, Blueair air purifier significantly reduces particles and gases. Even tobacco smoke and microscopically small particles get caught in the different filters.

A single Blueair air purifier is enough to clean a normal-sized room: It cleans up to 550 square feet, a 22x25 sq. ft. room. We also have solutions for larger rooms.

Blueair, the leader in filter technology, offers you two filter options --Particle/Gas filter or SmokeStop filter.

Blueair air purifiers are extremely quiet. With our new Blueair HEPA Silent technology, it is possible to run the air purifier day and night, without disturbing you when you sleep or work.



To minimize drafts, Blueair disperses clean air on three sides through an area six times greater then the average air cleaner, a process we call SurroundAir. Blueair cleaners As you can see from the diagram, Blueair is also unique in the way it takes in air from the sides and the floor.

The Blueair purifier is very compact (20"Wx13"Dx26"H) and is well designed to fit discreetly anywhere: standing on the floor. Furthermore, it is one of the most energy efficient air purifiers on the market (15 watts on lowest speed, 70 watts at highest).


Award Winning Design The Blueair 501's beautiful and tasteful design has won a European design award and earned it a permanent place in the Contemporary Swedish Design Exhibit of The National Museum in Stockholm. The flat panel design allows for greater placement options and blends in easily with most decor. Mounted on easy rolling casters, your Blueair may be easily moved from room to room.

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Approved by: Underwriter’s Laboratory and the Canadian Standards Administration

HEPA Filtration removes 99.97% of airborne particulates to 0.3 microns

High-efficiency, motors: Energy efficient, inexpensive to operate

Three speed control: Lets you choose the setting you want

Three-stage filtration: Ensures removal of large and sub-micron particles, plus harmful vapors, gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)




Availability: Usually
ships within 24 hours.  

Amaircare 2500





Height: 26 inches 
Width: 20 inches x 13 inches Deep

Air Flow (in cubic feet per minute)

30 to 240 CFM

Noise Level

Speed 1: 34.5 dB(A)
Speed 2: 37.1 dB(A)
Speed 3: 49.4 dB(A)
Speed 4: 70.5 dB(A)


35 pounds 

Service Area:

50-550 square feet

HEPA type surface area:::

45 square feet

Filter life:

Particle Filter: 6 months
SmokeStop Filter: 6 months

Power Consumption:

15-70 watts


5 year


380 Smoke
390 Pollen
390 Dust


star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes) I'm real pleased with the Blueair!

Reviewer: Carolyn Quinn from San Francisco, California USA

Feb. 23, 2010

When I received my air cleaner, it was well-packaged. But above all it's the most truly well-engineered air cleaner I've ever seen. After spending over $400.00 previously on an air cleaner and looking at lots of air cleaners before, I really feel that I've gotten my money's worth. Thanks.


star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes) Quite simply the best.

Reviewer: Newton Smythe from Los Angeles, California USA

July 28, 2008

The summary says it all.  I believe Blueair has made the finest system available.  The unit is not inexpensive, but that aside, there's just nothing to complain about.

The build quality is superb.  The display actually tells you how many hours you have left on the filter and it's NOT just a timer.  The unit actually comes up with the number based on air quality and fan speed.  I have never had a purifier that cleared the air THIS well. And each unit is certified to perform as stated (if you want to buy the measuring equipment you can -Blueair sells that also... I trust them).

The unit is just in an entirely different class than other units. And there is nothing in the price range anywhere close to the quality.

star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)Quite simply the best!

Reviewer: Austin Howard from Chicago, IL USA

July 30, 1999-2008

For clearing the air of particles in a large room, no other unit touches this.  Yes, it's a premium price, but for the unit it really is a steal.  If you just want something that works, this isn't your pick.  BUT, if you want something that will work well beyond the rest, and is leaps beyond in quality, do yourself a favor and spend the money for this thing.


star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes) Very Good!

Reviewer: George from Queens, New York

Oct. 20, 2010

Before I got this machine I had a musty smell in my bedroom, now its gone.  I use to wake up in the morning with my nose clogged, now that's gone.  I can breathe better.  I use it at night when I'm sleeping.


star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes) Best Overall Air Cleaner on the Market.

Reviewer: Daniel from Los Angeles, Ca

Oct. 28, 2009

My brother purchased the Blueair last year and then gave it to me when he purchased the Blueair--I and my 5 yr old twin boys have terrible Allergies and since we were given the 1 yr old Blueair unit, we have made no visits to the Dr.s Office. IT really is a life saver! And Money Saver!

star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes) Expensive, but worth it.

Reviewer: David from Las Vegas, NV

Nov. 03, 2010

This machine is not for tight wads, so ask yourself do you want the best or do you want a compromise?  This machine is AWESOME.  A little noisy at the higher levels but that's my only complaint.  Do yourself a favor and find a place in your home (its not small either) open your wallet and spend the dough, its worth it.  It's great out here during (and after) those classic Vegas dust-storms. 


star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes) Awesome, highly recommended

Reviewer: Scott from Hong Kong

Jan. 08, 2008

I looked at numerous units but, even with this one costing 2x as much as the others, nothing seemed anywhere near as well built or technically proficient as this one.  It works fantastic and is simply superb.  I will probably buy another one for the bedroom to replace my current 'cheapy' and then only need to buy replacement filters etc from one company going forward.





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