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"We have been amazed at the amount of
dust and contaminates the HealthSmart air filter has removed from the outside supply." -Charles Fisher, WA




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Everyone knows that mold and mildew are repulsive and foul-smelling . but what you may not know is that mold and mildew are germs - of the fungal variety.


It's been proven that mold and mildew  are a common cause of allergies. As they grow mold and mildew can release irritating spores into the air.  But now you can  control these spores from contaminating the air you breathe by using  BioSponge filters.  These remarkable filters utilize Aegis technology to eliminate the filter as a breeding ground for mold, fungi, bacteria and other common airborne contamination.


soiled air filter

filtered air

New clean
BioSponge  pad.

BioSponge plus pad after
60 day of use.


Antimicrobial protection.

BioSponge filters when tested  reduced airborne micro-organisms by up to 86.5 % in one pass !
bio_close1x1.gif (3804 bytes) A close up view reveals the filters enormous surface area.

air filters electrostatic

Airflow .09" W.G. @300FPM

Dust Spot 14 %

Replace 30-60 days

Dust Holding 170 Grams

Arrestence 87 %

Antimicrobial protected

Designed far operation at temperatures up to 140'F (92 C)

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Our Price:$48.95
6 per package
(1) year supply

Availability: Usually
ships within 24 hours.

The Air Sponge is just what they advertise, it is the best filter around.
"The Air Sponge is just what they advertise, it is the best filter around." It is so convenient to have them make a permanent very sturdy attractive filter frame and then provide you with a year supply of the highest quality filters."
Reviewed by: Cheryll from South Florida. on 5/26/2004




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