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"Yours is the only filter product that I recommend to others - and will continue to do so."

-Neil Ticktin, CA




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Air Filter Replacements

Health Smart Replacement -  MicroSponge




microspone air filters

Replacement filter media

electrostatic filters

MicroSponge Electrostatic Air Filters are composed of a highly effective blend of two new electrostatic  polymers which, when combined, magnify dust-trapping capabilities.


a better filter
Particles having aerodynamic diameters smaller then about five microns are the greatest health hazard contained in airborne dust.  Most air filter textile fibers are about twenty microns in diameter, and they are not very effective in the capture of fine respisable particles.  To be effective, a filter must be either very fine in fiber diameter or "electrostatically charged".  While fine fiber filters have a high mechanical efficiency they may, under certain circumstances, be shed and breathed in, creating a HEALTH HAZARD.  Filters made from coarser electrically charged fiber eliminate this problem.



air filters

Fiberglass filters must be tighter to capture NaCL particles.  This results in a blockade on the filter surface, cutting off air flow and creating pressure drops. Electrostatically charged MICRO-Sponge filters out NaCL particles through it's entire depth, and permits constant free air flow through the filter.

Don't be confused by other advertised washable type electrostatic air filters. MicroSponge is  up to 800% more efficient then the washable type electrostatic air filter.

   MicroSponge uses a new process
which uses a mixture of two different types of polymers to enhance a high stable  charge on every individual fiber of the electrostatic air filter surface . This active charge works very effectively in capturing and retaining
Sub- micron particles.

air filters electrostatic

Airflow .17" W.G. @300FPM

Dust Spot 64 %

Replace 90 days

Arrestence 97 %

Designed far operation at temperatures up to 140'F (92 C)





Our Price:$83.95
4 per package
(1) year supply

Availability: Usually
ships within 24 hours.


Dr. Recommended
I recommend the Air Sponge furnace Filter to all my patients. It is the most effective air filter I have ever used in removing airborne contaminants.
Reviewed by: Herbert R.Slavin, M.D from Florida. on 2/6/2010

Literally, the air smells of the fresh outdoors!!!!
We are highly recommending the Microsponge and Charcoal filter combination (even for non-smoking environments for the cleansing properties) to all of them and expect that they will find their health improve in a short while!!! Your company is efficient, your response and delivery immediate and the product is awesome!!
Reviewed by: The Bells from Florida. on 5/6/2011




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