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Air Filter Replacements

Health Smart Replacement -  PurePleat


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Replacement filter media

Excellent combination of low  purchase price
and superior performance.


pleated air filters 


This extended surface pleated air filter media is produced from a high quality blend of natural and man-made fibers.   Pure Pleat 40 offers an excellent combination of high efficiency and low resistance to air flow.

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PurePleat 40's pleated design produces extended surface area to maximize airflow and  extend filter life.


The media is supported by a metal grid on the air leaving side. This grid provides extra strength and helps maintain the proper pleated configuration throughout the life of the filter.



air filters electrostatic

Airflow .18" W.G. @300FPM

Dust Spot 35 - 40 %

Replace 90 days

Arrestence 95 %

Designed far operation at temperatures up to 200'F (92 C)

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Our Price:$54.95
4 per package
(1) year supply

Availability: Usually
ships within 24 hours.

Size or refill #
(example     21 x 23)

600 - 900 Square inches (add $5)   

Do you need a filter frame?




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