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Electronic Air Purifier Console Model

No Air Purifier Is More Convenient.

The Electronic Air Purifier features the Trion Forever Filter(TM) which never needs replacement and is guaranteed for the life of the unit! Excellent for bedrooms, kitchens or dens, the Console Model effectively removes the majority of airborne particles. Includes a built in ionizer.


Direct Price:$469.00

Availability: Usually ships
within 24 hours.


When it comes to Trion's reputation for quality and reliability, consider this: Trion is the sole supplier of air cleaning equipment to the US Navy's fleet of nuclear submarines.



Odor Removal

Additional Charcoal filter
add $19.95


How Trion's Electronic
Air Cleaning Works

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Operating Speeds 3
Air Flow cfm Low: 80
Med: 100
High: 120
Input Volt 120/60
Power consumption 70 watts
Dimensions Length: 12"
Width: 12"
Height: 28.50"
Weight lbs 34.50
Pre filter Aluminum mesh
After filter Charcoal
UL/CUL listed  yes
Cabinet Cameo White
Cleaning area 150 - 900 Sq. Ft.
6 Air Changes/Hour
Clean Air Delivery Rate
Clean air indicator yes


Customer Reviews
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Outstanding quality product
Reviewer: Steve from Camdem, South Carolina February 17, 2000

The Trion has lived up to my expectations. It performs very well, and in the near future, I am going to purchase the whole house unit for the heating system. I work in a bar/restaurant, and we have two of the commercial units there. They perform very well in removing the smoke and other airborne pollutants from the building.


star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes) Excellent product- excellent results, easy to maintain
Reviewer: Richard St.Clair from Philadelphia, PA February 26, 2000

The Trion has amazing results, especially on cleaning the air of stale cigarette smoke, the unit is also easy to clean.

star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes) Does a great job
Reviewer: David Warren from Newaygo, MI February 20, 2000

I am amazed at the amount of dirt absorbed by the filter. I am disappointed in the quality of the prefilter, and the unit is a lot louder than I would think something this size needs to be. The filter is a little difficult to get clean.


star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes)star.gif (65 bytes) Very efficient at cleaning the air
Reviewer: Terry Francik from Jacksonville, Florida March 1, 2000

I like how easy it is to clean the collector and that it does a very good job of removing airborne particles.





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