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Air filters for home secure online ordering

Air Cleaners

HEPA Air Cleaner - 400 to 700 square feet



Certified Class II Medical Device

H.E.P.A./ V.O.C. Filtration - 99.97% Efficient

250trion_large.gif (13515 bytes)This powerful machine is great for large rooms or to use as a central unit in a home or office. 

It has a variable speed motor so you can turn it up to clean the air quickly and lower it for ultra-quiet nighttime operation.

Innovative front grille design for airflow exchange allows corner or wall placement.

List Price: $429.00
Our Price:





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Odor Removal - Additional Charcoal filter. add $19.95

HEPA Refills -    Additional HEPA Filter.    add $249.00

Certified Class II Medical Device

Approved by: Underwriter’s Laboratory and the Canadian Standards Administration

HEPA Filtration removes 99.97% of airborne particulates to 0.3 microns

High-efficiency, motors: Energy efficient, inexpensive to operate

Variable speed control: Lets you choose the setting you want

Three-stage filtration: Ensures removal of large and sub-micron particles, plus harmful vapors, gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)




26 1/4" tall x 12" wide x12"L

Air Flow (in cubic feet per minute)

140 to 250 CFM


40 pounds

Service Area:

400-700 square feet

HEPA surface area:

36 square feet

Filter life:

Stage 1 Carbon Filter: 3-6 months
Stage 2 HEPA Filter: 2 years

Power Consumption:

75-100 watts


1 year


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Effectively cleans the air making it easier to breathe and keep the house clean.
Reviewer: Robert L. Moore from Bloomington, Indiana April 25, 2000

We really like being able to come into an environment that is free of outdoor and indoor pollutants. We supplement the Trion RX with an advanced filter element in the HVAC unit. In fact, since we've had the unit neither of us have had a cold, sinus infection, or any other upper respiratory illness. One other bonus is that after coming from a smoke filled bar, the Trion RX removed all traces of the smoke odor. I would highly recommend this unit to everyone concerned about his or her indoor air quality.




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