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Health Smart Replacement -  Activated Carbon


activated carbon air filters

Give Your Air That Crisp Clean Feel
and superior performance.


How activated carbon is made?

Most active carbon, as used for gas or vapor trapping, is made from coconut shell. The shells are heated to over 2,000°C under high pressure, which causes fissures on the surface of the carbon, creating a high quality, small pore activated carbon. The fissure system is extensive, creating a very large surface area in a small package, and it is in these fissures that other gases and particles are trapped. A single activated carbon filter has a flattened surface area of a football field.


change_filter_rd_small.gif (6459 bytes)How does activated carbon remove odors? Activated Carbon has the ability to capture gas molecules and hold them.  The carbon surface is made  up of millions of tiny pores, the gas and odors fall into these pores and are trapped there until the pad is disposed.  Other methods to get rid of odors such as sprays, only fool you sense of smell - the odors still exist.




activated carbon filter info

Airflow .05" W.G. @300FPM

Dust Spot: NA

Replace: 90 days

Arrestence 80 %

Designed far operation at temperatures up to 200'F (92 C)

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Our Price:$26.95
2 per package

Availability: Usually
ships within 24 hours.

Size or refill #
(example     21 x 23)

600 - 900 Square inches (add $5)   Square Inch Calculator">carbon filters


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